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Personal Air Vehicle (PAV) "Sarus"

  • The AeroCopter's Sarus, MTR VTOL aircraft could also yield broader societal benefits in ground mass transportation utilizing existing and future Vertiports/Heliports or more than 5400 regional aviation airports and NASA/FAA Small Aircraft Transportation System ( SATS) technologies.

  • Thanks to its VTOL capability, The Aerocopter's Sarus, MTR VTOL aircraft has great 21st century transportation potential as a PAV and flying "Sky Car" (2-4 passengers) :
  • Door-to-Door Personal Transportation, a blending of car and plane

    • Increased mobility: Enable people to travel faster and farther, anywhere, anytime
    • Increased capacity: both at hub and spoke, and on highways
    • Increase Safety, Reduce Emissions, Reduced Noise

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